Work stress comes home

"When you take your work home with you, the whole family feels the effects - especially your kids. A Canadian study analysed the employment history and pyscho- social work conditions of nearly 30,000 sawmill workers and found that there was a direct correlation between the stress fathers felt on the job and their children's mental health. The most striking results: 252 of the approximately 20,000 children in the survey whose fathers had stressful jobs attempted or committed suicide from 1985 to 2001...."
TIME, December 4, 2006

The study cited in this article looks at the impact of work stress on children. In our society today, it is not possible to remove our work stress from most of us. What we do have control over is how we personally deal with this and other life stresses.

As we can understand how we react to stress and accordingly, our behavioural patterns, we can reduce the impact that stress has on us and our families. As we learn to manage our stress better we are a lot less likely to pass this stress on to the other significant people in our lives.

Your Life Patterns has a unique approach that can help you develop strategies to minimise the effect of stress in your life. It will help you identify what aspects of your stress you have generated and attracted to yourself, and in doing this, you begin to manage your environment in a healthier way.