Releasing mothers medication

When a pregnant mother stops taking antidepressant medication, "do their babies feel withdrawal symptoms?" A Time article(4/12/06) states "nearly one-third of babies experience neo-natal abstinence syndrome - drug withdrawal characterised by such symptoms as tremors, gastrointestinal distress and sleep disturbances.

Depression will affect between one-tenth and one-fourth of women and is often exacerbated by pregnancy...." It is not suggested that these medications not be taken by those suffering with depression. Medication may be the only answer for some who are dealing with depression.

The patterns of significant people around you and your own behavioural patterns, provide an excellent source of information on what can trigger depression.

Information from Your Life Patterns is different to insights you would gain from traditional therapy.

Your Life Patterns examines and suggests looking at the repetitive ways of behaviour that could activate and reinforce depression.

In understanding the underlying cause of depression, individuals are in a powerful position to start to heal.