Teach children good money skills

"Greedy children who squandered Christmas money on faddish toys are today's uncharitable adults". A survey of 1,250 Australian adults showed almost 40 percent considered themselves to be poor to average money handlers, with out of control credit cards that would not be paid off until well into 2007, according to financial education company Money_Ed_Box.

Your Life Patterns suggests where in behavioural patterning, the keys to successfully handling and managing your money may be.

Specific patterns operating within some individuals filter money - it comes into one hand and flows out with the other but we all know people with the other but we all know people who accumulate material possessions with ease. Often an unbalanced pattern combination may be balanced by altering the material destiny in the name. Once you are aware of how to balance your name to the material world, often by use of a simple spelling rearrangment, it may help to turn the energy around so you can attract what you want.

"Company head Greg Smith said 71 percent of poor to average money handlers were not taught the value of money as children because they got a lump sum at Christmas time and blew the lot."

Once you begin to understand your own patterning, you may want to reflect on the patterns of your children. This can be highly beneficial, allowing children at a young age to be better integrated with strategies to handle money practically. Understanding how money is representative of energy, also helps prepare you and your child for the road ahead.

Of the good to excellent money handlers, one in 10 frittered away their money on the latest fad whilst 90 per cent saved for their future. "Mr Smith said parents needed to take control and set dollar after their money

"Financial literacy is one of the most important issues a parent can teach a child, notwithstanding the ability to be disciplined and appreciate what money can or cannot do" he said.

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/news/parenting/teach-kids-good-money-skills/2006/12/05/1165080920387.html