Is there anyone, anywhere, who doesn't have memories of school days? Be they fond or otherwise, schools are one of the most influential of all the places we ever experience.

From these everyday but extraordinary communities, stem our friendships, our confidence in learning, our attitudes to authority and our perceptions of the value of community and the people who make up big groups. Apart from families and working environments, schools set the stage in major ways for future friendships, our confidence in learning, our aspirations and our expectations.

There are so many issues for an individual to deal with at any one time whilst attending a school. Is it any wonder that schools hold such significance for us all and are so carefully evaluated by parents and the wider community?

The tone of the school and the values it holds are reflected in students and members of staff.

How each of us as individuals contribute to and learn from any school, will be derived from the manner in which we play out our repetitive patterns of thoughts and behaviours and the direction and values of the school set by principals committees, teachers and parents.

If you have ever wondered why certain types of people appear driven to catch the limelight whilst others remain shy, why some people study hard and studiously while others excel at sports, arts or public speaking, etc, and others will care less about academia...then Your Life Patterns will be of interest to you.

What drives us all are our individual and repetitive patterns, which are often not distinguishable because we are too busy playing out emotions and rigid thinking. Your Life Patterns assists you to gain insights into the patterns or games that run you, your teams, students and their parents...It will provide you with terrific resources for understanding what makes human nature tick and how to turn challenging situations around.

Your Life Patterns assists in building and co-ordinating any type of group. Our seminars are also available to schools upon request, generally with a minimum attendance of 12 people.