For Business

Do you attract providence and plenty?   Does business come easily to you?

Is your voice the one that colleagues business partners, clients and suppliers want to listen to?   If not, why not?

At any given moment, we have a need to promote, present and effectively communicate our needs, services and products in result-orientated environments. And at every level, whether you are the CEO or one of the people actioning work, you need to get your messages through.

Your Life Patterns is all about successful communication with others, both inside and outside of the company.

It specifically deals with generating business plenty. Since up to 30% of productivity is lost each day through bad habits, cultures of unbalanced change, blame, reticence and buck passing, there is an urgent need to turn these situations around.

Are you getting through?

Have you ever met someone you felt you couldn't connect with? As soon as you saw them, or as soon as they spoke, you didn't really want to hear what they had to say?

What is that "thing" you can't put your finger on?

This workshop delivers the big answers that allow you to connect to others in better ways and with greater effect.

Bringing lasting results, Your Life Patterns takes you beyond the hype of the usual formulas to give you the leading edge you deserve in your business life. Get the message people are really getting when they talk to, listen to and watch you.

Catch what is painfully limiting your productivity, depriving you of sales, communication and efficiency, or simply preventing others from hearing you.

Your Life Patterns moves you out of the stuck areas of your life. Stay motivated with fresh approaches, very different from other trainings. Discover what holds you back from prosperity, warmth and creativity.....and drives others away from you at a million miles an hour.

It will possibly come as a surprise to know what others won't tell you to your face (but are happy to talk about behind your back).

People have behavioural patterns. Organisations also have patterns. This will be of interest to those of you who scratch your heads over the chosen direction your company takes.

Throughout the course of the seminar you may hear others saying "this makes so much sense; why didn't I do this before?" Enhancing the ways in which we talk and be with others is one of the most rewarding things we can do for ourselves, for those around us and in business.

We especially cannot afford to miss doing business and speaking the language of those who annoy or challenge us, those we are unable to get through to, those whom we put off, those whom we believe are stupid, crazy or don't listen.

These methods are now employed at all levels of corporate and private business. However, as you transform your business approach, you'll notice that Your Life Patterns business seminars are not just all about great business.

These exclusive methods allow you to present well, sell and live more effectively all the time.. with partners, friends, your children, extended families and work associates for the greater good in the world.

In each and every aspect of your life, you can start to meet the opportunities and targets you believe are possible. Be rewarded with renewed vigour and zest. Book now and discover passion in your life again!

Why wait for some day, when you really need a breakthrough now?

Suited especially to:

  • Professionals in relationship, communication, education, public relations, training, teaching and job placement industries

  • Community and professional groups

  • Business executives, sales, advertising or marketing executives

  • Small business owners

  • Current career seekers,and those wanting to break into new industries

  • People across all levels of skill, education and training

Who Benefits Immediately?    You and all your clients, business partners, colleagues, spouse and children.

Now in its 20th year of operation, both Your Life Patterns - In Relationships and the advanced business seminar, Your Life Patterns - In Communications and Sales, assist you to positively impact your world!