For Relationships

Participating in Your Life Patterns will help you to embrace the vision of what you want in committed relationships. It assists you to enjoy the big picture and sense the reality of where you are, to see what you can make of your life.

This Outstanding Seminar....

  • Highlights your strengths and weaknesses

  • Helps you to see how you contribute to the negative outcomes in your life and assists you to turn these negative situations around to create new and positive experiences for yourself and others

  • Reveals your natural positive potential

  • Helps you to see how to deal with your life from a realistic perspective rather than fantasy, illusion and idealism

How Does This Course Differ?

This course is about you and others and how to see your behavioural patterns.

The difference between this and any other course is unmistakable. The insights provided allow you to see yourself from new perspectives, draw closer to others, and gain a greater depth of communication with them.

Your Life Patterns feeds into all areas of your life and gives you the opportunity to reflect, maybe for the first time, on the nature of who you are, and on the patterns that you allow to run you without reservation.

Discover what you do that does not give you the results you want in life and how this may impede you from engaging positively in the world.

Roller coastering emotions and motivational highs and lows are not what this course is about.

Balance in all aspects of your mental and emotional life, and understanding the identity of your unchallenged, limiting and negative behaviours, is what Your Life Patterns stands for.

Who Does This Course Appeal To?

  • Anyone seeking greater fulfilment, self-expression and better relationships

  • Community and professional groups

  • Families and those with children (visit our Children section)

  • Those who are feeling "stuck" in life

  • People in every aspect of business (visit our Business section)

Who Benefits?

You and all the people in your life.

Have you ever asked yourself the questions....

  • Why do my relationships fail?

  • Why can't I keep a partner?

  • How come I get on well with some people and really can't stand others?

  • Why don't people think like me?

  • How can I improve my life?

  • How can I make my existing relationships work?

  • Why will you hear "you are so like your father!" or similiar - what is it they are really seeing?


Your Life Patterns may well open doors to what you really care about and need in your life.