Here's what participants are saying about Your Life Patterns:

Marion Kovari, Relationship & Individual Counsellor, BA (Psych), B.Soc Stud. AA MFC, Mental Health Worker

"My children are now 19 and 22 years old and I have been using Your Life Patterns approaches for over 7 years. Learning about patterns in human nature makes my job as a parent so much easier. As one example, I used to interpret my daughter's behaviour as laziness. But I realised after the seminar that this behaviour really related to her self-doubt. So rather than being angry, I was able to use different approaches. With my support, my daughter now willingly tries new things. I have gained a far deeper understanding of my children - and myself, and my family life has become more happy and harmonious. The information offers insights beyond my formal studies, and I would highly recommend this seminar.

Georg Povaly

"Your Life Patterns has assisted me to recognise what I do in my daily life that does not work for my family life. I also have a greater ability now to "hold back" and observe situations rather than jump in and become part of the problem. What makes this seminar different to anything else, is that it gave me a distinct view of myself from others' eyes. I came to recognise a few 'home truths' about myself that I would have been unwilling to admit were there. This has tremendous advantages because it is like seeing yourself without filters, or as others' do. I now make better choices in my relationships with my wife and children."

Christina Szczepaniak, Dip Teaching: Dip. Sp. Edu: Early Childhood Studies

"Your Life Patterns is unique. I couldn't believe how much detail I had gained in just a couple of days. It has changed my attitude and approach towards my family and teaching, so that now I have been able to create harmony around me. eg. by stopping to think instead of losing my temper; not replying with sarcastic comments when I feel hurt and stopping my constant nagging. With the information presented in this course, I feel far more equipped to deal with disruptive behaviours and a range of learning difficulties in the classroom"

Java Cogar, Teacher's Aide and Mother of 2

"I have worked with children with special needs, with dyslexia, ADD and sometimes all three. This course assisted me to work with them, rather than against them; to adapt, rather than react; and gave me tools to communicate more effectively. As a mother, Your Life Patterns allowed me to let go, and let my children be themselves".