Here's what participants are saying about Your Life Patterns


Marian Kovari, Relationship & Individual Counsellor, BA (Psych), B.Soc Stud., Mental Health Worker

These seminars have changed me and my approach to life. I now have more cohesiveness and lightness in my closest relationships and I am more positive and successful in all aspects of my life.

Dr. K. Chuah, MBBS - General Practitioner

This seminar has greatly helped me to wake up to myself. I no longer blame my spouse for the things that I sometimes feel. I can now examine myself and take responsibility. As a result, I do not blindly repeat old negative ways of behaving and I can now understand why my spouse behaves the way he does. I can act with compassion and look past his behavioural patterns. This makes our home a happier environment for children to grow up in. My thanks to you Larayne.

Pauline Hylder, Ad. Dip. Accounting, Grad. Cert Management

"Larayne Porter is an inspirational and motivational presenter. Larayne has given me a deeper understanding of how I "play out my game" and the behaviours that have caused me unhappiness in the past. I am happy and content. Life has never been this good.

Jeffrey Quinn – Sydney Japanese School, Former Head Teacher International Department

“I have been a client of Larayne Porter for more than 24 months now and on this basis make the following virtually unconditional testimony to her skills as a healer. Manifesting the intangible by bringing change for the better inadequately describes the long lasting affect Larayne Porter’s course of treatment has created in my life.
After an illness initiated by a tick borne bacteria severe light sensitivity, debilitating fatigue, unbearable headaches, brain fog and joint pain made me unable to work, drive a car at night due, read for more than a few pages and was diagnosed as being clinically depressed.
Since being treated by Larayne I am now back tutoring, assessing student’s progress and educational needs, designing tutoring programmes and successfully running my two Frontrunner Learning Centres once more.
My energy levels have transformed along with a whole range of other positives that have seen a corresponding, however subjective, improvement in my business, home and personal life.
Consistently after with my sessions with Larayne I observe a corresponding change in how I deal with people and a definite increase of awareness of how I interact with my clients, my family and my friends.
The changes relate to the processes Larayne uses to change my energy fields or whatever it is; that I do not pretend to understand other than it has made a very positive difference in my life.”


Tom Gwinn – The University of Sydney, Lecturer Faculty of Health Sciences

“I can recommend Larayne Porter’s “Your Life Patterns” to anyone who is seeking an alternate approach to achieving a goal that previously has proved elusive because one’s own habits have acted as a barrier.
I have had some personal objectives which I wanted to achieve – but which proved difficult to achieve. The fact that I could, in the past come up with plans on how to achieve these outcomes, and identify reasons why it would be beneficial to me, did not in themselves make them happen.
However with Larayne, acting as a coach as it were, to help remove obstacles that were embedded in my everyday life, but that I was unaware of, now I'm well on the way to achieving my ambitions.”